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I'm giving Dreamwidth a try. I'm waiting for my journal content to get copied over and I'll start really searching for friends on dreamwidth next week. Already found a few. Post your usernames for me to make it easier. If it works out, I'll be maintaining both for a while as I figure out Dreamwidth and make the transition.

You LJers probably already know this, but you don't need a Dreamwidth account to comment. :)
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I just finished creating my account there. derakon, naturally.

We'll see how much activity it gets.

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J'existe. And have been on DW for a couple years now.

Username's the same, thankfully. And I will be adding you to my circle.

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Heads up aurora, you might get an encoding error message when you port, just go to the faq and they'll tell you how to fix this and try porting again.

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I made an account over there (spazzychic) but how do you copy over past content?

Do want!

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I did it!

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I'm "thewatcher" over there. Far more sensible.

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Hi, I'm Alison, aka Tyoko, and I just followed you here from LJ. I have changed my account name so that people quit asking my if I misspelled Tokyo.

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May I ask why the change? For my (admittedly limited) use, LJ and DW look pretty much the same.

Naturally if you don't want to talk about Livejournal right in front of it (which would be terribly rude), we can chat later on the subject.