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I'm leaving Facebook in steps. I posted a few days ago about it so people there would have a heads up. I've removed everything I could that I've been tagged in. I've removed as much information as I can. All apps, groups, likes, etc. Today I removed all my friends. I'll deactivate the account tomorrow.

Facebook just takes too much time to manage and the content to noise ratio is pretty bad. I know it's the only way I had to keep in contact with a few people, but it's just not worth the amount of time and all the privacy risks. Meaningful communication is hard enough online without 420-character limits.

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Good for you, I wish you luck. I have staunchly avoided even going near FB, but my wife is far less lucky: virtually all of her circle of friends in the US, with a handful of exceptions, use facebook exclusively (to the point where messages sent by email never get answered, but messages sent through facebook get replies in seconds), so she's had pretty much no choice but to use it to keep in touch with them. Just what I've learnt via her cursing and showing me things makes me wonder how on earth people actually choose to use the system, leaving aside the total disregard for user's information the owners have. (To say nothing of the effects it seems to have on many of its users...)

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I with you on the staunchly avoiding FB. I feel for your wife.

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420 limit text every day.

Re: Really?

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You know, like the pothead slogan "420, smoke weed every day"?

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I bailed and deleted my account for pretty similar reasons some time back. *nod*

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Good on you.

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I never got into Facebook M'self...and after hearing all the privacy concerns I'm glad I didn't.

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Same. Yay for being too lazy to check out the latest fads.

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I didn't even know you were on Facebook.

I guess it's too late to ask you to friend me then


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I only got my FB account because }}i{{ has one and wanted to add me as her husband. But then i found most of my high school friends on there, so i'm more or less stuck with it as far as talking to them goes. Same goes for alot of my family. But i avoid those applications like the plague for the privacy reasons and have only put in the minimum info required, with all the security settings turned up.

I do think it's affected me, though. It's quite hard to write up more than one or two paragraphs nowdays. I'm trying to wean myself off but it is hard. Good on you, Rora!